1/ Return of goods or exchange within 14 days without giving a reason

do not carry or use the goods

carefully pack in the original packaging

add a copy of the invoice-tax document and the gift(s), if they were included, fill in and send the form/complaint protocol to the email:

wait for a message on how to proceed


the unpacking of the package will be monitored, the goods checked, if the goods are in order and all conditions have been met, we will send the money to your account within 14 days.


if the oil has been taken out of the paper box, it cannot be returned here for hygienic reasons

2/ Claims for goods due to defective performance within 24 months of purchase

fill in and send the form by email: describe the product defect in detail, add photos and send the matter to

if the complaint is recognized as justified, wait for a message on how to proceed

the unpacking of the package will be monitored, the goods checked and reassessed, we will offer one of the solutions: defect removal/modification/repair/replacement of part of the product/replacement of the entire product/offer of another product/refund, We will send the product back within 4 weeks after handling the complaint, or according to agreements. YOU DO NOT PAY POSTAGE

please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully in detail, which describe the situations in which it will not be possible to accept the claim. General Terms and Conditions here

Important information

A/ If the situation arises that the customer did not receive/pick up the goods, was not at home, did not open, the courier did not find you, etc., a second delivery attempt will be made. If the delivery fails even after the second attempt, each subsequent attempt will be charged, the amount will be communicated in advance

B/ If the buyer does not pay the postage, the goods will be stored at the seller's place until the postage is paid, but no longer than six months. (6 months). After this period has expired, the goods will be offered for sale and the money collected will be transferred to the buyer's account, after deducting the costs, or sent by money order to his last known address.

C/ If the money is returned to the seller as undeliverable, these funds will be kept as undeliverable for a period of 12 months, after which they will be donated to charity.

D/ This complaint procedure does not apply to goods that the customer received from the Company free of charge or for a symbolic 1 CZK. Such goods fulfill the terms of the gift contract and no consumer rights can be applied to them according to the applicable legislation.

E/ Relations and any disputes arising on the basis of the Purchase Agreement will be resolved exclusively according to the law of the Czech Republic in the relevant courts of the Czech Republic, or any disputes between the Company and the Buyer can also be resolved out of court. In the event that a consumer dispute arising from the Purchase Agreement arises between the Seller and the consumer, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the consumer can contact the body for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is, for example, the Czech Trade Inspection email: adr@coi .cz

Warranty conditions

A/ The warranty conditions are governed by the relevant laws and regulations in force in the Czech Republic. Specifically, it is Act No. 89/2012 Coll., and Civil Code No. 634/1992 Coll. on consumer protection, both as amended, and the Seller's Complaints Procedure It is possible to apply the warranty for product defects that arose during the warranty period due to a demonstrable manufacturing defect or a hidden defect in the technological procedure.

B/ Claimed goods must be clean, free of all impurities and in accordance with hygiene regulations or general hygiene principles. Otherwise, the claim may be rejected.

C/ The warranty conditions do not apply to product defects resulting from wear and tear caused by normal or excessive use, oxidation, inappropriate use, surface scratches, mechanical damage, cracking of the gem after falling or hitting a hard surface.

You can find more in the General Business Terms and Conditions

D/ The buyer acknowledges that in case of exchange of the goods or part of them as part of the settlement of the complaint, there is no new deadline for exercising rights from defective performance.

 valid from 20.10.2022