General Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as T&C)


These T&C are valid for the seller's online store, which is operated on a website located at the internet address (hereinafter referred to as "website" or "web interface")

The operator, owner and administrator of the website is the company Cosmoincentive s.r.o., REG: 26167832, with its registered office seat at Charvatova 3, Prague 1, 110 00, registered in the commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, entry 76349 (hereinafter referred to as the company or seller).

Article 1 Basic provisions

1.A/ A consumer or customer or buyer is a person who, outside the scope of his business activity and independent performance of his profession, concludes a contract with the company or otherwise deals with it. Rights and obligations not expressly regulated by these T&C are governed by the provisions of relevant legislation, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Civil Code").

In relation to the buyer, the company is not bound by any codes of conduct within the meaning of § 1826 paragraph 1 letter e) of Civil Code.

1.B/ purchase contract or Contract for work (order in electronic form) means the purchase or ordering of product in the e-shop, as well as the creation of product to order, whereby the company transfers ownership of the product to the customer and the obligation of the orderer (customer) is to pay for it to the company agreed price, according to the set conditions. The purchase contract - the order must be concluded in electronic-written form. By confirming and sending the order by the seller, the Contract is concluded.

1.C/ The concluded Contract will be stored with the seller and the buyer has access to it for a period of three years from the date of conclusion of the Contract. The contract is concluded exclusively in the Czech language.

1.D/ The condition for the validity of the electronic order/contract is the completion of all data and requirements prescribed by the form. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of the completed data and bears all risks associated with the data he entered when ordering the goods.

1.E/ The sale of goods through the e-shop website is offered by the seller as part of its retail activity and is not intended for the sale of goods to resale as part of the buyer's business activity. The seller does not take orders/sale from/to wholesalers or distributors.

1.F/ All presentation of products located in the web interface of the store is of an informative nature.

1.G/ By sending an electronic order, the buyer orders the goods from the seller, who, based on this order, assigns production to third parties. In some cases, the goods are also in stock and will be sent after receipt of payment to the seller's account. In some cases, the goods are offered as unique and one original piece.

Article 2 Delivery of goods, Delivery times, delivery fees, packaging/gift wrap


2.A-1/ solid gold jewelry - the delivery time is about 3-4 weeks from receipt of payment to the seller's account. In exposed periods such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, the delivery time may be longer. The deadline for dispatch may be extended, proportionate to the circumstances, if the delay is caused by force majeure or circumstances beyond the fault of the seller 2.A-2/ jewelry with cut gems - delivery time is approx. 5-6 weeks from receipt of payment to the seller's account. In exposed periods such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, the delivery time may be longer. The deadline for dispatch may be extended, proportionate to the circumstances, if the delay is caused by force majeure or circumstances beyond the fault of the seller

2.B/ Other products will be distributed within two work days


2.C/ Postage as well as gift wrapping of jewellery is free. We exclusively use the contractual partner DHL or Czech Post to send jewellery, even for returns. (other methods can be added)

2.D/ Postage of other products is free of charge, gift wrapping costs Eur 15.- and you can add it to your purchase basket.

2.E/ If, for reasons on the part of the buyer, it is necessary to deliver the goods repeatedly, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the repeated delivery of the goods.

2.F/ The buyer agrees that the seller will provide the selected carrier with data relating to the buyer, to the extent necessary for the proper delivery of the goods or for pick up by returns.


jewellery and art commissions:

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT for jewelry, we require payment of the full purchase price when ordering. The delivery period begins when the payment is credited to our bank account.

how you can pay for jewellery and art commissions:

3.A/ by bank transfer to the seller's bank account number: 2141074002/5500, maintained at Raiffeisen Bank. The order number is indicated as a variable symbol and musst be included

3.B/ by secured online payment via credit or debit card as final step of the purchase

3.C/ payment with a gift voucher issued by the seller (see separately "Gift vouchers") Dárkový Poukaz/Gift Voucher

Other items:

3.A/ by bank transfer to the seller's bank account number: 2141074002/5500, maintained at Raiffeisen Bank. The order number is indicated as a variable symbol and musst be included

3.B/ by secured online payment via credit or debit card as final step of the purchase

3.C/ payment with a gift voucher issued by the seller (see separately "Gift vouchers") Dárkový Poukaz/Gift Voucher

3.D/ Cash on delivery - only when delivered via Zásilkovna to the dispensary (exept jewellery)

Article 4 Materials used and related notices


A.1 Jewellery is made of gold , precious stones and natural pearls and is marked with valid marks of the Czech Hallmark Office, which prove that it is made of declared materials that correspond to valid European standards.

A.2 When wearing jewellery, some people may experience an allergic reaction to gold , which is mainly manifested by a change in skin color or a rash around the place of wear. This phenomenon is not caused by a maternal defect or jewellery, and the company bears no responsibility for it. In the event of an allergy, we recommend visiting a doctor.

A.3 As a result of external influences acting on the piece of jewellery, some of its parts may temporarily change their original color.

The cause may be:

*Jewellery contact with cleaning agents

*Jewellery contact with cosmetic products

*Health status of the wearer and medications used

In the above-mentioned cases, it is not a defect of the jewellery and there is no reason for a complaint or return, and it is enough to have the jewellery professionally cleaned.

A.4 By mechanical damage, for example during improper handling, falling of the jewellery and damage to the gems as a result of such handling, in this case, it is not a defect in the jewellery and there is no reason for a complaint or return.

Proper handling of jewellery

Jewellery is a fragile art object that can be irreversibly damaged by improper handling. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions below when wearing it and handling it further.

A.5 Put the jewellery away during any demanding housework - for example cleaning or cooking or physical activity. In this way, you will avoid mechanical or chemical damage to the jewellery, especially scratches, chain breaks, pinching or falling out of the stone due to damage to the bezel and drips that hold the stone in place.

A.6 Do not expose the jewellery to chemical substances, cleaning and/or cosmetic products, such as e.g. varnish or hair dye, creams, serums, emulsions, skin oils. Chlorinated, salty or strongly mineralized water is also not suitable for jewellery. Also protect the jewellery from sudden changes in temperature.

A.7 Always put jewellery away before cooking, sporting activities, baths, showers, saunas, visits to cryo-chambers, salt caves, swimming in the sea and similar.

A.8 We highly recommend putting the jewellery away overnight. This prevents unwanted damage to the jewellery during sleep.

A.9 Always keep jewellery out of the reach of children and pets.

A.10 Store jewellery in such a way as to prevent contact with hard, rough and sharp objects, including contact between individual pieces of jewellery. This will prevent them from being scratched or otherwise damaged.

Specifics of certain types of jewellery

A.11 Pearls are made by oysters (sea pearls) and nacre (freshwater pearls). It is therefore quite natural that they contain various irregularities, shape asymmetries and different color shades. These natural specifics are not grounds for complaint. Do not expose pearls to light or too low or high temperatures for a long time. Strictly avoid contact of pearls with water, cleaning products, cosmetics, shampoos, creams, serums, emulsions, skin oils, and similar. If you expose the pearls to a heat source (hair dryer, heater, sauna, mountain sun), this will have a negative effect on their shine. Long-term contact with human sweat is not good for pearls, either. A swimming pool, sauna and cryosauna/polarium/salt cave, seawater, mountain sun are clearly undesirable environments. To clean the pearls, use only a soft, slightly damp cloth or have them professionally cleaned.

A.12 Never leave jewellery unattended with children and/or any pets. They contain small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled.


Our products are individually sewn in the Czech Republic from high-qualitycow leather, produced with minimal carbon footprint The linings are made of a cotton/polyester blend, made in the Czech Republic by company Hedva.

How to care for leather products

B1 Protect leather bags, cases, etc. from adverse weather and chemicals

Of course, light rain or normal summer sun will not harm the handbags. But protect them from heavy downpours, severe frosts or prolonged exposure to the sun. Excessive moisture is not good for handbags, as it can lead to deformation of their shape and color. If your purse gets wet, dry it as soon as possible. Let it dry naturally at room temperature. Don't try to speed things up by drying in direct sunlight, or near a heater or open flame. After complete drying, treat the handbag with a product intended for this, e.g.

Do not expose the handbag/bag to frost, the frost causes cracking of the outer material. A purse/bag damaged in this way will not be recognized as a valid claim

Be careful about spilling liquid drinks or perfumes, this can cause irreversible damage to the lining and the entire handbag.

B2 If the bag/purse needs to be cleaned, use only specialized products for Nappa/smooth leather. You can buy special preparations in specialized stores and on the Internet. for example:

Never use: any soap or shoe products.

B3 Store the handbags separately so that, for example, the dark color of the handbag cannot be printed on the light-colored handbag. We recommend stuffing the handbags with either fabric or paper to prevent wrinkles or other deformation. It is very convenient to store handbags in textile bags.

B4 Mechanical damage - do not carry sharp objects such as scissors or knives in handbags, as this could damage the lining. Close and open zippers smoothly without jerky movements and without using a lot of force.

Also, be careful when placing the handbag on rough surfaces, which can damage the bottom of the handbag. Mechanical damage to the handbag (including zippers) may be grounds for rejecting the claim.

B5 Do not overload handbags - the load capacity of large "shopper" type bags is a maximum of approx. 2 kg

Article 5 Consumer rights from defects in purchased goods

5A/ The consumer's right from defective performance is based on the defect that the product has when the consumer takes it over, even if it becomes apparent only later. The consumer's right will also be established by a defect that arose later, if the ccmpany caused it by breaching its duty.

5B/ The company's responsibility for defects does not apply to mechanical damage and deterioration of the product due to inappropriate handling, which is understood in particular to handle in violation of the instructions described above in Articles 4 A and B of these Terms and Conditions.

5C/ In the event that product is modified outside the company's service department, the company's responsibility for any product defects ceases.

5D/ In the case of a defect in the product purchased based on the Purchase Agreement, the consumer is obliged to complain about it without any delay after discovering it, or with sufficient care and a timely inspection could find out, with the fact that the consumer is entitled to exercise rights from liability for defects if the defect occurs within 24 months after the consumer took over the product.

5E/ Rights from liability for defects within 24 month after the purchase, i.e. the right to:

a/free removal of the defect, if the defect can be removed, or b/ exchange of defective goods for defect-free ones, or by replacing a defective part of the goods, if only part of it is defective c/providing a discount from the purchase price, or d/withdrawing from the contract and returning the defective goods to the company in exchange for a refund of the price paid.

5F/ In order to make a proper claim, you must submit a proof of purchase/purchase contract/contract for work/proof of payment and apply the claim in time (within 24 month after the purchase)

5G/ According to Act No. 634/1992 Coll. it applies that the company decides on the complaint immediately, in complex cases within 3 working days. This period does not include the time appropriate for the type of product or service required for a professional assessment of the defect. The complaint, including the removal of the defect, must be processed without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of application of the complaint. The complaint is considered settled on the day of dispatch, and notification of this fact by email. Please read Return Policy

5H/ In case of disagreement with the handling of the complaint, the consumer is entitled to turn to the Czech Trade Inspection, as an entity authorized to resolve consumer disputes out of court in the sense of Section § 20d et seq. Act No. 634/1992 Coll. Email:; www. 

Article 6 Return of goods - withdrawal from the contract without giving a reason 

 6A/ The buyer has the right to return goods purchased via the website, i.e. to withdraw from the Contract for the purchase of goods concluded via the website (means of remote communication) without giving a reason, within 14 days of receiving the goods. The notice of withdrawal from the Contract must be sent by the buyer in the form of a completed form, which can be found at the end and also in the complain procedure, within the period specified in the previous sentence, to the specified e-mail address of the seller 

6B/ In the event that the buyer withdraws from the Agreement in accordance with the previous paragraph, the seller will return the funds received from the buyer no later than 14 days after taking back the goods, only if jewelry/s are unworn and in perfect condition, packed in the original packaging and secured for return shipping. The goods will be picked up by a shipment company on the pre-agreed date and sent back to the seller. The cost for the return shipment will be deducted from the returned amount.

6C/ The buyer is responsible to the seller for the reduction in the value of the goods that occurred as a result of handling these goods by the buyer. The seller shall claim compensation from the buyer by sending him the funds received from the buyer for the purchase of goods minus the compensation.

6D/ The seller may refuse to withdraw from the Contract at any time in the event of a decrease in the value of the goods or damage to the goods. A reduction in the value of goods is considered to be goods showing any defect, be it mechanical, optical or otherwise, compared to new goods. The buyer cannot withdraw from the Contract or demand the delivery of a new item if he cannot return the item in the condition in which he received it.

6E/ The buyer is hereby informed that the packaging, shipment and return will be recorded for any future dispute.

6F/ The consumer acknowledges that it is not possible in the sense of acc. the provisions of the Civil Code, among other things, to withdraw from the purchase contract for the supply of goods that have been specially modified according to the wishes of the consumer or for his person.

6G/ The consumer acknowledges the fact that if gifts are provided with the goods, a gift contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer with the condition that if the consumer's right to withdraw from the purchase contract is used, the gift contract becomes ineffective and the consumer is obliged to with the returned goods, return the related gifts provided. If these are not returned or are returned used, demaged or similar, the seller has the right to deduct the value of the gift/s from the returned amount.

Article 7 Contact details of the seller

The seller's contact details are: e-mail:

Article 8 Protection of personal data The company will process the consumer's personal data obtained as part of the conclusion and performance of the Purchase Agreement or the Work Contract, in connection with them, or otherwise provided to the company, in accordance with EU Regulation No. 2016/679. Further information on the rights of the consumer as a data subject and information on the purpose, method, scope and time limits of processing are available here GDPR/DATA PROTECTION

Article 9 Final provisions

These terms and conditions of the seller apply in the wording stated on the seller's website on the date of conclusion of the Agreement. Relations and any disputes that arise based on the Agreement will be resolved exclusively according to the law of the Czech Republic and will be resolved by the relevant courts of the Czech Republic. Any disputes between the company and the buyer can also be resolved out of court. In such a case, the buyer-consumer can contact the subject of out-of-court dispute resolution, which is, for example, the Czech Trade Inspection.

The consumer is entitled to turn to the Czech Trade Inspection as an entity authorized to resolve consumer disputes out of court in the sense of Section 20d et seq. Act No. 634/1992 Coll. Email:; www.

Legal relationships not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions are governed by the generally binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll. as amended. These T&C take effect on 21.10.2022


1/ Return of goods or exchange within 14 days without giving a reason

do not carry or use the goods

carefully pack in the original packaging

add a copy of the invoice-tax document and the gift(s), if they were included, fill in and send the form/complaint protocol to the email:

wait for a message on how to proceed


the unpacking of the package will be monitored, the goods checked, if the goods are in order and all conditions have been met, we will send the money to your account within 14 days.


if the oil has been taken out of the paper box, it cannot be returned here for hygienic reasons

2/ Claims for goods due to defective performance within 24 months of purchase

fill in and send the form by email: describe the product defect in detail, add photos and send the matter to

if the complaint is recognized as justified, wait for a message on how to proceed

the unpacking of the package will be monitored, the goods checked and reassessed, we will offer one of the solutions: defect removal/modification/repair/replacement of part of the product/replacement of the entire product/offer of another product/refund, We will send the product back within 4 weeks after handling the complaint, or according to agreements. YOU DO NOT PAY POSTAGE

please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully in detail, which describe the situations in which it will not be possible to accept the claim. General Terms and Conditions here

Important information

A/ If the situation arises that the customer did not receive/pick up the goods, was not at home, did not open, the courier did not find you, etc., a second delivery attempt will be made. If the delivery fails even after the second attempt, each subsequent attempt will be charged, the amount will be communicated in advance

B/ If the buyer does not pay the postage, the goods will be stored at the seller's place until the postage is paid, but no longer than six months. (6 months). After this period has expired, the goods will be offered for sale and the money collected will be transferred to the buyer's account, after deducting the costs, or sent by money order to his last known address.

C/ If the money is returned to the seller as undeliverable, these funds will be kept as undeliverable for a period of 12 months, after which they will be donated to charity.

D/ This complaint procedure does not apply to goods that the customer received from the Company free of charge or for a symbolic 1 CZK. Such goods fulfill the terms of the gift contract and no consumer rights can be applied to them according to the applicable legislation.

E/ Relations and any disputes arising on the basis of the Purchase Agreement will be resolved exclusively according to the law of the Czech Republic in the relevant courts of the Czech Republic, or any disputes between the Company and the Buyer can also be resolved out of court. In the event that a consumer dispute arising from the Purchase Agreement arises between the Seller and the consumer, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the consumer can contact the body for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is, for example, the Czech Trade Inspection email: adr@coi .cz

Warranty conditions

A/ The warranty conditions are governed by the relevant laws and regulations in force in the Czech Republic. Specifically, it is Act No. 89/2012 Coll., and Civil Code No. 634/1992 Coll. on consumer protection, both as amended, and the Seller's Complaints Procedure It is possible to apply the warranty for product defects that arose during the warranty period due to a demonstrable manufacturing defect or a hidden defect in the technological procedure.

B/ Claimed goods must be clean, free of all impurities and in accordance with hygiene regulations or general hygiene principles. Otherwise, the claim may be rejected.

C/ The warranty conditions do not apply to product defects resulting from wear and tear caused by normal or excessive use, oxidation, inappropriate use, surface scratches, mechanical damage, cracking of the gem after falling or hitting a hard surface.

You can find more in the General Business Terms and Conditions

D/ The buyer acknowledges that in case of exchange of the goods or part of them as part of the settlement of the complaint, there is no new deadline for exercising rights from defective performance.