Organic argan oil - liquid gold for your skin

we offer certified organic argan oil
we offer certified organic argan oil

Argan oil Berberinna is a purely natural product that has versatile uses in cosmetics and almost miraculous effects for your skin, hair, nails and the skin of the whole body.

It does not contain any chemical components and is certified 100% BIO by internationally recognized certificates: ECOCERT, IGP Argane and NORMACERT.  I want to buy it...

white gold of Morocco-argan oil
white gold of Morocco-argan oil

                                       THE STORY OF ARGAN OIL  ... is very old and began thousands of years ago, when the oil (roasted nuts) was and still is used for cooking. The cosmetic history however begins in the nineties, when the chemists of a  very prestigious French cosmetic company went to Morocco to look for new natural ingredients for their products. While visiting a women's argan oil processing cooperative, they noticed that the women who worked with the argan nuts had very wrinkled face skin but their hands looked like the hands of young girls. They women processed argan nuts with their hands and this is also proof that argan oil has rejuvenating and regenerative properties. The production of argan oil requires manual labor and is traditionally the prerogative of women. At the end of August or during September, women begin to collect the ripe nuts that have fallen from the argan tree, which they then store in a dry and dark place for 2-3 weeks. Then, using a stone on a stone pad, they remove the outer skin of the nut, break the shell (which is 3 times harder than the shell of a hazelnut) and take out 2-3 almonds from it. All these laborious operations are still done by hand, as there are no suitable mechanical tools. click here to buy

PROPERTIES OF ARGAN OIL - Why is argan oil called the "white gold of Morocco" or the "miracle elixir? AND HOW CAN YOU USE IT?"

certified organic argan oil
certified organic argan oil

Purely natural argan oil has a high proportion of cosmetically and nutritionally effective substances (essential fatty acids Omega-9 and Omega-6), tocopherols (vitamin E), squalene, sterols and polyphenols (natural antioxidants), thanks to which it richly nourishes, regenerates and helps the skin for various skin problems.

• protects the skin and hair from damage by free radicals created mainly by solar UV radiation, ozone and cigarette smoke and causing skin aging,

• stimulates skin hydration, significantly improves its elasticity, nourishes it and actively slows down the formation of wrinkles,

• In winter, it protects your skin from the effects of frost because, unlike skin creams, it does not contain water, which freezes when exposed to frost and causes the skin to crack and appear couperose, or cracked red veins.

• In summer, thanks to the high content of vitamins E and F, it protects cells from UV radiation and slows down the aging process. Effectively soothes the skin after sunbathing.

• nourishes the hair roots, regenerates the scalp, prevents hair breakage and breakage and gives it elasticity, shine and softness.

• promotes the strengthening and nutrition of nails

• nourishes the skin of the whole body and improves its elasticity. (you can add the oil to the bath)

• successfully used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and to soothe skin problems and support the treatment of conditions such as chicken pox, acne, psoriasis, eczema and burns.

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It has a golden color, a slight nutty smell, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, does not leave any greasy traces on it.

It does not contain any chemical components and is certified


 Apply 4-5 drops of argan oil in the morning or/and evening on pre-cleansed and moistened skin. You can apply it to the whole face, including the eyelashes and lips, and also to the neck. HOW LONG WILL A BOTTLE LAST ME? if you use about 5-7 drops daily, about two to three months

WHAT DO WE NOT RECOMMEND? to buy non-certified argan oil, not even in Morocco

Why? There are no guarantees regarding the quality of argan nuts and the hygienic conditions of production, storage and use-by date of such oil, and therefore buying it, for example, on the Moroccan market can be disappointing.


ECOCERT French independent certification organization. The ECOCERT certificate mark is a guarantee of 100% BIO quality; means that the product contains only raw materials from controlled organic farming and that the harvesting, production and storage of the product meet the strictest ecological and quality requirements in accordance with European regulations.

IGP ARGANE (PROTECTED GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION OF ARGAN) is a guarantee that the argan oil comes from the argan argan biosphere reserve under the protection of UNESCO and was produced according to precisely defined conditions of entry and compliance with strict hygiene regulations.

NORMACERT is a Moroccan independent inspection and certification organization that is authorized by the state to issue certificates that the given product has been manufactured in accordance with the officially established tender conditions.

After import, our oil was analyzed by the State Health Institute and is bottled by a certified laboratory

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miracle for your skin
miracle for your skin